2012 Dowco Survey Responses

Posted on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 at 3:17 pm by dowcoenterprises

“We’ve appreciated the care you’ve given our yard for the last 20 some years. We always get compliments!”

-Ken & Sally B. 

“Dowco takes care of all yard needs. Great job! Workers are very professional in our neighborhood.”

-Mary M. 

“Great year. Kelly is wonderful!”

-David C. 

“You do a great job – excellent customer service. Keep it up!!”

-Lori R. 

“We’re very satisfied with your quality work and prompt response to our needs. We look forward to you taking over our sprinkler system program next summer.”

-Mr. & Mrs. Peters

“Have been your customer for 20 plus years. You all do a great job!”

-Joan L. 

“Very satisfied with 2012 service and results.”

-Brad F.

“No concerns – you do an excellent job! Thank you for outstanding service!”

-Gene & Carol H.

“We were only Dowco customers for 3 months as we are moving out of state. Thank you for helping us out in such short notice. From speaking to Kelly and Andy on the phone to the guys who took care of our lawn your service was top notch!”

-Kathy Y.

“I’m turning to Dowco more and more for most of our lawn and flower care – hoping it results in a good quality and continued great relationship. Thanks so much! Jane and Clarence have always been our “go to people” at Dowco because we can always count on good customer service and a job done well!”

-Susan & Jerry U.

“Brent is great! 1. Brent is the best contact we have had! 2. The worker that did the 9/5 bed cleanup did the best we have ever had. Please thank him – Job well done! (Julio)”

-Jack L.

“Jane is always available. Recovering from the heat damage. Still additional seeding to be needed in the spring? The back yard is beautiful. It looks like a green carpet.”

-Janice K.

“The regular mowing guys were great!”

-Marlin S.

“Keep doing what you have been doing for years! Thanks for all your help.”

-Joe S. 

“Keep up the good work, don’t rest on your laurels.”

-Lonzo W.

“The guys do a great job.”

-Jesse S.

“You’re doing great! Thank you!”

-Tom M.

“Jane in the office is always pleasant and helpful as well.”

-Wayne and Joyce J.

“I have used your company for over 18 years – if I wasn’t pleased, I would have dropped you a long time ago!”

-Sue B.

“You all are doing a great job. Keep it up. Thanks for all you do!”

-Theresa D.

“Your service has been excellent in every way!”

-Linda H.

“You’re doing fine!”

-Ellen B.

“I greatly appreciate the diligent efforts of our account manager – Jane Door – and the crew assigned to our account. Thanks!”

-Debbie D.

“When we have a complaint they handle it right away.”

-Lee R.

“My lawn looks better than it ever has.”

-Paul D.

“In general, Dowco has done a great job with our lawn/plant care. It’s great having a reliable company to work with. The Dowco employees both on the phone and on the job are always very polite and agreeable. Thanks!”

-Joe & Kathy L.

“My yard looked great all summer. Thank you!”

-Bev K.

“Doing fine!!”

-Glenn H.


Thanks to all of our fans! We love to serve you!

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