A Healthy Lawn Starts With Your Leaves!

Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 4:58 pm by dowcoenterprises

Healthy lawns start with good soil that is rich in organic material.

Good soil structure consists of 50% solids, and 50% pore space for water and air. Soils in the St. Louis area tend to contain a lot of clay which lacks the proper pore space and tends to be short on organic material. Organic material increases nutrients in the soil, and provides habitat for earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms.


Mulching grass clippings during mowing season and leaves in the fall helps introduce the much needed organic material.  Dowco equips all of our lawn mowers with special mulching blades in the fall to assist with this break down.

Annual aeration helps break up compaction of the soil by incorporating the mulch into the soil and by introducing the pore space required to turn tolerable soil into the high-quality soil needed to grow a thick lush turf.


If you don’t have an aerator or leaf mulching abilities, call the experts at Dowco to help your lawn!

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