Turf Fertilization and Weed Control Program

Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 at 6:33 pm by Weblinx

Let’s face it; you’re looking for results from your lawn care company. You want someone who is reliable and knowledgeable to provide a beautiful, green turf!

If you desire a healthy beautiful lawn, Dowco has the right lawn care solutions for you!  Fertilization for your lawn adds the necessary nutrients in the required amounts to promote healthier and greener turf.  A lush, healthy lawn is the best defense for withstanding adverse conditions such as disease and drought. Dowco’s fertilizers are always formulated for the soil and environmental conditions specific to the St. Louis area are specially blended to our specifications. Every application contains at least 50% slow release nitrogen for a sustained, gentle green.


Our comprehensive program starts with two balanced fertilizer applications containing crabgrass pre-emergents to help keep that pesky weed at bay. Our pre-emergent of choice is Dimension, which combines an effective pre-emergent with a crabgrass seedling post emergent to help address our unpredictable spring weather by delivering predictable crabgrass control results. Our summer fertilizer applications encourage root growth as well as minimize damaging grub populations. Our fall applications feature an increase in Nitrogen to aid in recovery from our inevitable St. Louis drought, help with seedling vigor and to maintain a greener lawn longer into the late fall. The final application, lime, serves to balance the PH of the soil, helping the grass make the most of the nutrients we will provide during the next season.


Weeds in your lawn are unsightly.  There are weeds that thrive during every season in St. Louis.  Effective weed control depends on several factors timing, stage of growth, and correct identification.  Our professional applicators are trained to identify common weeds and have control solutions at their finger tips. Resilient weeds don’t rest, and neither does Dowco’s proven weed control program!

Rest assured that you will have trained professionals on your site. Our licensed applicators are trained to avoid burning the turf or leaving stripes in the lawn. Dowco’s team pays attention to all the details – including treating behind the A/C unit, going all the way to the woods line, and ensuring that we are treating the lawn with the appropriate mix rate.


Keep your lawn healthy all-season long with Dowco’s professional lawn care services.

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