How To Encourage New Seed Growth

Posted on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 at 7:23 pm by dowcoenterprises

Did you aerate and over-seed your turf this year?

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Here are some best practices to care for your baby seedlings and encourage new seed growth:

  • Water immediately after seeding and then keep the seeds moist for approximately 4 weeks.  Lack of water is the top deterrent from proper seed germination. Dowco has applied seed starter mulch to help insulate the seed, keep moisture in and birds out.
  • Continue to mow and blow leaves from turf as normal after they have been watered in, but never rake new seedlings while they’re trying to get rooted.
  • Limit the amount of activity on your lawn for the remainder of the year. New grass seed will begin to germinate within 7-14 days and will reach maturity next spring!
  • If you use Dowco for your renovation, we will fertilize your new seedlings with a starter fertilizer that encourages new growth. We will also return within 30 days for a complimentary spot seeding to treat bare and trouble areas.
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