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Lawn Care Ladue, MO

To be honest, you want to get results from your lawn care company.  You are looking for a company that is knowledgeable and reliable to give you a beautiful, green turf!

If you are looking for a beautiful and healthy lawn, Dowco has exactly the right lawn care solutions for you!

Our fertilizers are always exactly formulated for the soil conditions that are specific to the St. Louis area – and that is because we are the experts in Lawn Care.  Ladue, MO customers know that when you are fertilizing your lawn, it adds the necessary nutrients in the right amounts that are required to promote a greener and healthier turf.  A lawn that is lush and healthy is the best defense to withstand a number of adverse conditions including disease and drought.

Weeds in your lawn are unsightly.  There are some weeds that thrive in every season that can be quite a challenge to proper lawn care.  Ladue, MO residents know that weed control that is effective depends on several factors, including timing, correct identification and stage of growth.  Weeds that are resilient do not rest, and neither does the proven weed control program from your team at Dowco.

You can rest assured that you will have trained professionals from Dowco on your site.  Our applicators are licensed and they are trained to avoid burning your turf or leaving unsightly stripes in your lawn.  Our team at Dowco pays attention to all fo the details, including treating your lawn with the appropriate mix rate, treating behind the A/C unit and going all the way to the woods line.

Let us help you keep your lawn healthy all season long, with the services we have at Dowco for professional lawn care.  Ladue, MO residents can call us at Dowco at (636) 532-9192 today to find out how we can help care for your lawn.

Lawn Care Ladue, MO

I have had a very positive experience with Kelly and Maurice for the last five years, they have a great team of guys, and work really hard together, simply put I would recommend Dowco to anyone looking for a really great, reasonable and conscientious landscaping service.

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