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Bed Maintenance & Weed Control: Bed Treatments

Bed Maintenance Program

For better weed control in your beds, Dowco’s bed maintenance program is for you.  Our monthly treatments minimizes weeds in all areas of your property except turf. Trained licensed applicators/technicians will visit your property monthly to control the germination of weeds using pre and post emergents.

As an extra bonus, our program includes treatment of weeds in parking lots, patios, decks, around trees, along curbs, and in sidewalk cracks!

Dowco bed maintenance and weed control

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1. Bed Cleanups (Spring & Fall)


2. Mulch


3. Bed Maintenance Program


4. Bed Cultivation


5. Weekly Weeding


Dowco Inc. Service Truck

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful landscaping job you did at our new house. We love it! The design is terrific, with a good variety of plants and a nice mix of color. The view from the patio is especially pretty, and makes us feel like we are sitting in a private garden.

Perhaps most importantly, you kindly and patiently listened to our thoughts and ideas and incorporated them into the overall plan. We may have driven you a bit crazy, but you never let it show! Instead, you made multiple visits to the house to get it done and make it perfect.

Besides the design itself, the guys planting were extremely courteous and exceptionally hard working. We appreciated how they checked in with us to make sure things were going as we had hoped. On top of all that, the guys got it all done quickly and on our schedule.

We are very, very happy with the whole process, and of course the end result. Thank you! We will be calling you guys again.


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