4 Ways to Encourage New Seedling Growth

Posted on Monday, September 30th, 2013 at 6:47 pm by Weblinx

Did you aerate and over-seed your turf this year?  Here are some best practices to care for your baby seedlings!

  • Water immediately after seeding and then keep the seeds moist for approximately 4 weeks.  Lack of water is the top deterrent from proper seed germination. Dowco has applied seed starter mulch to help insulate the seed, keep moisture in and birds out.
  • Continue to mow and blow leaves from turf as normal, but never rake new seedlings while they’re trying to get rooted.
  • Limit the amount of activity on your lawn for the remainder of the year. New grass seed will begin to germinate within 7-10 days and will reach maturity next spring.
  • If you use Dowco for your renovation, we will fertilize your new seedlings with a starter fertilizer that encourages new growth. We will also return within 30 days for a complimentary spot seeding to treat bare and trouble areas.


Did you forget to sign up for your fall turf renovation?  You’re in luck.

Due to the late summer heat wave, normal St. Louis weather patterns are about 3 weeks behind.  There is still time to aerate and overseed!

Call Dowco today to schedule! (636) 532-9192 

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