Snowflakes in December

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012 at 5:56 pm by dowcoenterprises

We are planning for snow! 

There are little bitty snow flurries outside right now and some snow in the forecast around Christmas Day.  Dowco has been gearing up for any winter weather events by preparing our plows, salt trucks and routes.

Snow is unpredictable and each event is different! To effectively work in the snow, you have to understand it.

Snowflakes are formed when the temperature and humidity is just right and precipitation occurs. Everyone has heard that each snowflake is different and it’s true. Here’s why:

When the precipitation falls from the ground, it forms into an ice crystal and collects water vapor. The way that each crystal falls to the ground determines how the water vapor freezes onto the crystal and builds the 6 arms of the snowflake.


So it makes sense that with all the differences in temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, path from sky to ground, and more – we get a variety of different snowflakes.


On the ground, we get an accumulation of snow! And if you are looking for a commercial snow removal company in Chesterfield give Dowco a call!


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