Dowco’s Tree & Shrub Program

Posted on Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 1:42 pm by dowcoenterprises

You’ve invested thousands of dollars in your landscaping. It adds to the value of your property and provides a place to reflect, relax and entertain. The most expensive components of your landscaping are your ornamental trees and shrubs. Dowco’s Tree & Shrub program will help protect your investment with applications designed to help your landscape thrive!


Our program begins in the very early spring with a deep root fertilizer to help plants recover from any winter stresses, and encourage overall health and vigor.



Then, we address seasonal pests with four carefully timed applications. Dowco technicians monitor current conditions, and  our in-depth knowledge of common insect life cycles ensures that we treat when appropriate.



Our program wraps up with a final deep root fertilization to give your plants a boost before the hard winter sets in.

Call Dowco today for a free consultation to protect your investment of your trees and shrubs!

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