Types of training at Dowco

Posted on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at 4:07 pm by dowcoenterprises

Training and education is a core belief of the Dowco team.   Every member of our team sits in on classes varying from greasing a mower to weed identification to best customer service practices.   Team building activities are woven into the yearly calendar of topics to add fun and enhance the company culture.    Jim Paluch, our consultant and friend, has impressed upon us that we can’t afford not to train.   We’ve been meeting and training every Thursday morning for 10 years straight!


An industry friend from Scottsdale Arizona shared that his company has a weekly book club.  These sessions are a catalyst to team unity.   Dowco’s management team has read books by John Maxwell, and Jim Collins along with topics such as coaching others and sales.  All in a day’s work at Dowco!

At Dowco, everyone has a coach and in most cases team members are both coached and coaches.  The coach helps the employee set and attain their goals.  These goals in most cases are work related and the best teams are successfully achieving personal goals as well.  The coach is taught to “hold up the mirror” so the employee can see the importance between their goals and their performance.

Safety training is highlighted every week and long term safety is channeled through PLANET’s safety recognition awards program.  Safety Recognition Awards are awarded to companies in the following categories:  No Vehicle Accidents, No Injuries or Illnesses, and No Days Away From Work. This is a very challenging program that Dowco achieves excellence in every year.

Dowco Aeration Training

Another group training activity is job site learning.  Our managers in training ride with a seasoned account manager to learn about the properties and the client’s concerns so one day they can be a successful account manager.  We use our subdivision and VIP properties to cluster train our production staff.   This serves two benefits:

  1. Field supervisors can explain and show how the work is done, then follow-up efficiently.
  2. Quality work on highly visible property with new teams.

Dowco Shovel Edge Training

Our clientele expects ONLY the best. This is why we place an extremely high importance on teaching, training and education at Dowco.

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