Which leaf removal option is best for my lawn?

Posted on Friday, September 20th, 2013 at 2:47 pm by Weblinx

No two lawns are the same and different clients have different needs. Don’t worry, Dowco has a solution for you!

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I have an average amount of leaves and want to control my fall costs.

Blow leaves & Mulch would be the best fit for you.

During the fall months, Dowco equips our lawn mowers to mulch the leaves back into the soil.  We do this by using specialized mower blades called “Gator Blades”.  During the mowing visit, our crews will blow the leaves from your beds into the turf.  They will then mulch them into fine particles with the mowers. We bill for the time spent blowing the leaves into the turf, so this is typically the most economical option. Mulching also returns beneficial nutrients to your soil, and it is completed weekly in order to keep your property tidy. This service is offered exclusively to Dowco lawn mowing clients.

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I live in a heavily wooded area and we have a lot of leaves.

 Blowing the leaves from the turf is your best option.

Lawns located in highly wooded areas collect too many leaves during the autumn season for mulching to work.  Piles of leaves and excessive leaf mulch particles can smother and damage your turf. We equip all of our mow crews with industrial-sized leaf blowers to move large quantities of leaves quickly and efficiently.  At the beginning of the mowing visit, our crews will blow the leaves from your beds and turf into the area you designate: wood line, or to the curb.  We bill for the time spent moving the leaves into the location selected, and if Dowco is vacuuming for you, a separate charge will be assessed based on pile size. Some cities provide leaf removal services. If your city does, they will send you a calendar of leaf pick up days. With advance notice, Dowco can blow your leaves to the curb prior to pick up.



The leaf volume varies a lot on my property, and I don’t know which solution would be best.

We can alter our methods from week to week based on the leaf volume.

Our mow crews have been trained to be the experts at deciding “how much is too much” and we can add notes to the work order that say, “mulch leaves until too many then blow to the woods.”  Let our experienced crews determine from week to week which method would be best for you.

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We are having a party and want everything to look perfect!

We can schedule a leaf clean up anytime to make sure your property looks great.  

Just give us a call ahead of time to get on the schedule. The week before Thanksgiving fills up fast!  (636) 532-9192

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