Winter Car Safety

Posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 at 7:27 pm by dowcoenterprises

‘Tis The Season

No one will call ahead to warn us

“By the way, I am going to slide into you and knock you off the road half way to work this morning.” Or, “Hey, my crystal ball says you’re going to have a flat tire at 5:36 this evening.”


These things are called accidents and blindsides because we can’t see them coming.

So- let’s plan for and expect that they will happen; on a short trip out to grab some milk and we didn’t grab any extra clothes or even a pair of gloves.

We’ve all heard the basic tips on winter car safety – but do we really do them?

Just a reminder to check the tires, fluids and grab some gloves!


Click here for some more winter driving and safety tips!


Written by: Brent Griffith

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