Benefits of Mulching

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 8:36 pm by Weblinx

Now that your beds have been prepped, and the shovel edge has been completed, it is time to finish your spring cleanup project with a fresh layer of mulch.

There are many benefits of mulching.  Mulch not only adds an attractive, finished look to the landscape, it aids in weed suppression, retains moisture and helps moderate fluctuating soil temperatures  protecting your delicate plants from the early spring frosts and summer’s heat waves.

Deciding what type of mulch to apply is based primarily on personal choice. We commonly apply three different types:

  • Double Ground: Most commonly used in St. Louis. It has a medium consistency, medium color and lasts for about 1 year in our area. It will fade from the sun about mid-season.

dbl-ground   double ground

  • Triple Ground: Fine consistency and dark brown, almost black color. Great for use in flower beds. Decomposes more quickly. Will wash away on sloped areas.

triple-ground triple ground

  • Dyed Mulches: Similar consistency as double ground. Product is treated with a biodegradable dye. Will hold its color for at least one season.  If mulch is placed on concrete prior to spreading, will cause temporary stains.


dyed-brown dyed brown


dyed-black dyed black


dyed-red dyed red

Call Dowco to have the mulch of your choice professionally installed. Our crews top dress existing beds ensuring a finished mulch depth of no more than 3”, will keep the mulch off of the sill plate to the house to control moisture seepage and will rake the new mulch smooth to deliver a finished look you can be proud of.

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