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Bed Maintenance & Weed Control: Bed Treatments

Bed Maintenance Program

For better weed control in your beds, Dowco’s bed maintenance program is for you.  Our monthly treatments minimizes weeds in all areas of your property except turf. Trained licensed applicators/technicians will visit your property monthly to control the germination of weeds using pre and post emergents.

As an extra bonus, our program includes treatment of weeds in parking lots, patios, decks, around trees, along curbs, and in sidewalk cracks!

Dowco bed maintenance and weed control

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1. Bed Cleanups (Spring & Fall)


2. Mulch


3. Bed Maintenance Program


4. Bed Cultivation


5. Weekly Weeding


Dowco Inc. Service Truck

The Dowco people have been very thorough in their approach to working with upgrading our irrigation system. We are now covering the right areas with the right frequency at the right time! Thank you.

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